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Freight Mart International Freight Forwarding

Tracking Facilities

Unique Tracking Systems

Freight Mart International was established with the belief that tracking systems should be orientated towards giving good service to our customers.

On this basis Freight Mart International developed two purchase order tracking systems; comprehensive on-line order tracking and managed status update reports. Our belief that better, more customer focused systems should be provided was one of the prime motivational factors behind our establishment.

Accordingly, we have installed the Powertrack system which is currently regarded as the most powerful platform of its type available. If you have a query – any sort of query as to where in the dispatch process your freight is Powertrack will give you the precise answer.

Our Managed Status Report Tracking allows our customers to receive regular updates provided direct to them by our experienced operations team highlighting the updates, changes and forecast purchase orders.

Both tracking systems can be customised to show quantities, order numbers, models/ makes – whatever data you need to have all the information at your fingertips.